We can’t tell you how amazing it makes us feel when Emma receives feedback at the end of a programme. The way in which Emma and My Time for Change has had life changing effects on women’s lives, even within the first month of being part of the programme. It is this feedback that reaffirms that My Time for Change really does work and can have such a positive impact on women and their health markers.

“I need it else stress takes over and then I feel rubbish ! Love your blogs love your happy positive vibe ! X” – Steph

“11 pounds and 11.5 inches lost since January. Very pleased. Thank you Emma.” – Catriona

“I am happy with my month stayed the same which is good. I would like to shift a few pounds going forward to the next group. This is a way of life me for now but o do need group to keep my self grounded this month has been a bit 70/30 so need to tighten that up ! See you all soon and stay well and safe ! Xx” – Steph

“Emma I have loved MT4C this is my 1st month and I love waking to your smiling face thats so full of enthusiasm and your wise words that have guided me through this month. Prior to this I did very little exercise but I now walk every day and do your WODs that I really enjoy (admittedly some more than others 😁).
I didn’t measure myself at the beginning for the only reason that I didn’t want to know and dreaded seeing the numbers,but I will for April 😁, I did weigh myself and I have lost 1stone 4lbs 😍👏 I can tell from my clothes but I still have a long way to go and I can wait to see what April brings with you valued support 😍 Thanks Emma xxx” – Zoe

“BIG thankyou to Emma for all your dedication, positivity & support over these last month’s. 😘 xx” – Jeannine

“When I heard about MT4C I had a good feeling it would suit me. Before MT4C I did try to be healthy and I exercised a lot & I thought I was fairly well behaved especially in the week, however It seemed I would sabotage all my good work at the weekends.
Although I felt I already had lots of really good habits such as exercise drinking min 2 litres water everyday not eating lots of processed foods or snacking constantly on biscuits crisps and chocolate I still kept gaining weight. I was the person who was genuinely mystified about what I was doing so wrong!
I also worried that I would never find a solution I have tried all sorts, personal trainers who told me I wasn’t eating enough but not really helping me so making me feel a failure etc
I was very scared to embark on yet another diet that I couldn’t sustain for the future. I needed to find something that I could 100% buy into and adopt for life. So I have really taken to intermittent fasting I have had some wobbles & I have felt some fear if old habits have slipped back in. I have been inspired to see what other people eat and keen to learn new habits that are easy to fit into my life that are also enjoyable and sustainable.
When I have wobbled Emma has quickly picked me up with it’s not a big deal attitude and given me confidence to believe what I was doing was right so thank you so much for for your time and patience Emma.” – Hazel

“I will also I admit I was little unsure about the WhatsApp group I thought I might find it annoying (brought back memories of really boring slimming world nights listening to everyone’s food intake for the week). I have not only enjoyed the group i have looked forward seeing everyone’s meal choices & learning everyday with Emma’s vlogs and get inspiration from everyone so thank you all too. All that said it’s results that are the biggest measure and with a 12 inches lost and 8lbs lighter I couldn’t be happier right now yay cracked the code at last. Looking forward to bedding in the new habits and learning more this month. 💕😄” – Hazel

“Quite agree about the Whatsapp apprehension – really wasn’t my scene at all as I don’t do any Facebook or Twitter but it just works so well. Everyone was so helpful when I started and it all soon started to fit into place.” – Tricia

“Can’t find my measurements at the beginning of March but my belt (that I wear most days) has just gone from hole 2 to 3 so that must be good?? Lumps gone from back round bra strap and also tighter hooks. Weight unchanged. All in all am very happy with the MT4C team. Been here since Feb 2019 and feel great now (all things considered) Roll on April. A great place to be thank you Emma. X ” – Patricia

“Have lost 6lbs and 4 3/4 inches! Most impressed that for the first time some has come off my waist!! I hope all of you stay safe and well for the next month or so. I am sure I will be back. Thanks so much Emma for all your help and wisdom. And well done team.” – Rosie

“Lost only 2 cm but at the beginning of this month my sugar levels were 16.8 mmol ie call the ambulance and today they were 6.7 NORMAL you don’t know how grateful I am for that specially in these times 😘😘😘” – Ana

“I haven’t been getting weighed but have lost 6 inches overall in the last 4 weeks – my bras all fit properly again – no double boob! I’m also really comfortable with intermittent fasting and finding that in our lockdown one meal at 11am and another at 6pm really works for me 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the second programme – mostly because I have no excuses now to not exercise! And also because going through the Corona Crisis with the group has made everything feel a little better every day 🥰🥰🥰 thank you to you all and hope to see you continuing into April 🤩 thank you Emma 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you 😊 feeling good despite everything going on xxxxx love this group 🥰” – Katy

“Hi Emma, thank you for a very informative and educating journey. This is my first month of MT4C, I signed up as I am trotting through my peri menopausal years and slowly adding the lbs!!! I knew that my problem was the “picking” a bad habit that I couldn’t break but thanks to you Emma I have done👏🏻👏🏻 I have lost 8.5 lbs and a total of 10 inches 5 of which have melted from my waist. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I’m loving the new way of eating. Thank you for the bottom of my heart💐💐💐💐😘” – Alison

“Morning Emma
Thanks so much for this months MT4C As usual you are so positive and motivating I’m feeling great in myself and have even got back into running with the dog!!! I’m finding with the situation we’re in at the moment Im doing more than ever!!! I’ve not measured inches however I have lost 4lb’s . Thanks again 🙌🙌😘” – Lesley

“Hi Emma,
Another fabulous month with MT4C and your guidance throughout.
A very ‘Happy Bunny’ here as I reached my goal of 9.8/9.9 in October having lost the bulk of it from May (3.1/2 stones) . From October, there have been some tweaks you have guided me through but I am still at my 9.8/9.9 despite a few trips away and one to Cheshire!!!
I do agree about weighing isn’t at all a good indicator but I still do a weekly weigh even though I feel quilty when doing so!
It has been a great group with lots of fun and support – hoping you all on board next month.
PS Forgot to say in these trying times, it is so good be be fit and healthy which I wouldn’t have been pre MT4C!!” – Tricia

Thank you all of you for being part of the tribe. It means the world to Emma to be able to help & support you to achieve your goals.