We can’t tell you how amazing it makes us feel when Emma receives feedback at the end of a programme. The way in which Emma and My Time for Change has had life changing effects on women’s lives, even within the first month of being part of the programme. It is this feedback that reaffirms that My Time for Change really does work and can have such a positive impact on women and their health markers.

“I need it else stress takes over and then I feel rubbish ! Love your blogs love your happy positive vibe ! X” – Steph

“11 pounds and 11.5 inches lost since January. Very pleased. Thank you Emma.” – Catriona

“I am happy with my month stayed the same which is good. I would like to shift a few pounds going forward to the next group. This is a way of life me for now but o do need group to keep my self grounded this month has been a bit 70/30 so need to tighten that up ! See you all soon and stay well and safe ! Xx” – Steph

“Emma I have loved MT4C this is my 1st month and I love waking to your smiling face thats so full of enthusiasm and your wise words that have guided me through this month. Prior to this I did very little exercise but I now walk every day and do your WODs that I really enjoy (admittedly some more than others 😁).
I didn’t measure myself at the beginning for the only reason that I didn’t want to know and dreaded seeing the numbers,but I will for April 😁, I did weigh myself and I have lost 1stone 4lbs 😍👏 I can tell from my clothes but I still have a long way to go and I can wait to see what April brings with you valued support 😍 Thanks Emma xxx” – Zoe

“BIG thankyou to Emma for all your dedication, positivity & support over these last month’s. 😘 xx” – Jeannine

“When I heard about MT4C I had a good feeling it would suit me. Before MT4C I did try to be healthy and I exercised a lot & I thought I was fairly well behaved especially in the week, however It seemed I would sabotage all my good work at the weekends.
Although I felt I already had lots of really good habits such as exercise drinking min 2 litres water everyday not eating lots of processed foods or snacking constantly on biscuits crisps and chocolate I still kept gaining weight. I was the person who was genuinely mystified about what I was doing so wrong!
I also worried that I would never find a solution I have tried all sorts, personal trainers who told me I wasn’t eating enough but not really helping me so making me feel a failure etc
I was very scared to embark on yet another diet that I couldn’t sustain for the future. I needed to find something that I could 100% buy into and adopt for life. So I have really taken to intermittent fasting I have had some wobbles & I have felt some fear if old habits have slipped back in. I have been inspired to see what other people eat and keen to learn new habits that are easy to fit into my life that are also enjoyable and sustainable.
When I have wobbled Emma has quickly picked me up with it’s not a big deal attitude and given me confidence to believe what I was doing was right so thank you so much for for your time and patience Emma.” – Hazel

“I will also I admit I was little unsure about the WhatsApp group I thought I might find it annoying (brought back memories of really boring slimming world nights listening to everyone’s food intake for the week). I have not only enjoyed the group i have looked forward seeing everyone’s meal choices & learning everyday with Emma’s vlogs and get inspiration from everyone so thank you all too. All that said it’s results that are the biggest measure and with a 12 inches lost and 8lbs lighter I couldn’t be happier right now yay cracked the code at last. Looking forward to bedding in the new habits and learning more this month. 💕😄” – Hazel

“Quite agree about the Whatsapp apprehension – really wasn’t my scene at all as I don’t do any Facebook or Twitter but it just works so well. Everyone was so helpful when I started and it all soon started to fit into place.” – Tricia

“Can’t find my measurements at the beginning of March but my belt (that I wear most days) has just gone from hole 2 to 3 so that must be good?? Lumps gone from back round bra strap and also tighter hooks. Weight unchanged. All in all am very happy with the MT4C team. Been here since Feb 2019 and feel great now (all things considered) Roll on April. A great place to be thank you Emma. X ” – Patricia

“Have lost 6lbs and 4 3/4 inches! Most impressed that for the first time some has come off my waist!! I hope all of you stay safe and well for the next month or so. I am sure I will be back. Thanks so much Emma for all your help and wisdom. And well done team.” – Rosie

“Lost only 2 cm but at the beginning of this month my sugar levels were 16.8 mmol ie call the ambulance and today they were 6.7 NORMAL you don’t know how grateful I am for that specially in these times 😘😘😘” – Ana

“I haven’t been getting weighed but have lost 6 inches overall in the last 4 weeks – my bras all fit properly again – no double boob! I’m also really comfortable with intermittent fasting and finding that in our lockdown one meal at 11am and another at 6pm really works for me 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the second programme – mostly because I have no excuses now to not exercise! And also because going through the Corona Crisis with the group has made everything feel a little better every day 🥰🥰🥰 thank you to you all and hope to see you continuing into April 🤩 thank you Emma 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you 😊 feeling good despite everything going on xxxxx love this group 🥰” – Katy

“Hi Emma, thank you for a very informative and educating journey. This is my first month of MT4C, I signed up as I am trotting through my peri menopausal years and slowly adding the lbs!!! I knew that my problem was the “picking” a bad habit that I couldn’t break but thanks to you Emma I have done👏🏻👏🏻 I have lost 8.5 lbs and a total of 10 inches 5 of which have melted from my waist. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I’m loving the new way of eating. Thank you for the bottom of my heart💐💐💐💐😘” – Alison

“Morning Emma
Thanks so much for this months MT4C As usual you are so positive and motivating I’m feeling great in myself and have even got back into running with the dog!!! I’m finding with the situation we’re in at the moment Im doing more than ever!!! I’ve not measured inches however I have lost 4lb’s . Thanks again 🙌🙌😘” – Lesley

“Hi Emma,
Another fabulous month with MT4C and your guidance throughout.
A very ‘Happy Bunny’ here as I reached my goal of 9.8/9.9 in October having lost the bulk of it from May (3.1/2 stones) . From October, there have been some tweaks you have guided me through but I am still at my 9.8/9.9 despite a few trips away and one to Cheshire!!!
I do agree about weighing isn’t at all a good indicator but I still do a weekly weigh even though I feel quilty when doing so!
It has been a great group with lots of fun and support – hoping you all on board next month.
PS Forgot to say in these trying times, it is so good be be fit and healthy which I wouldn’t have been pre MT4C!!” – Tricia

Thank you all of you for being part of the tribe. It means the world to Emma to be able to help & support you to achieve your goals.


Life in Lockdown

Stop, stand back and observe, life is just about to become more wholesome!  

Our brains are processing information at a hundred miles an hour; its constant.  Social media, television, news streams and everyone around us are talking about coronavirus.  You are desperately trying to filter and make it all make sense; why has a beer suddenly become a virus?  What do you mean millions of people worldwide are being asked to stay at home?  People are starting to stockpile; how can we manage without pasta and toilet roll?  Sorry, did I hear you right, the schools might be closing?  And so, it went on, weeks before we embraced our new normal, we were processing and anxiously trying to make sense of it all.  We were all trying to prepare in some way and in fact we continue to do so.  

It is no doubt an emotional rollercoaster, day to day the emotion changes.  We are saddened by death across the world, fearful as it nears our own doors, protective of our loved ones, saddened by changes to our freedoms, confused by the conflicting data and at times grieving for a life we once knew.  However, we are also warmed by the stoical way in which the NHS workers are bravely doing all they can to save lives, the frontline team in food retail who are giving their all to make sure supplies continue to be available to customers, the key-workers who despite their own health fears and those for their families, still go to work to support the nation in whatever capacity that needs to be.  You recognise the value in every single one of these people, humans who may have been taken for granted in the past.  

And so, we find ourselves in lockdown.  Obviously, this means so many different things to everyone; I cannot imagine the circumstances that some are now having to endure, and my heart goes out to them.  From my privileged position this is how it all unfolded.  The previous week I had placed my parents in lockdown recognising that their underlying health issues meant they needed protecting; food delivered to their doorstep and a wave through the window was how it needs to be for now.  The precursor to day 1 in our own lockdown was an anxious explosion.  It built and built… How do I work from home, fulfilling my job role, whilst educating a 10 & 7 year old, clean the house, support my husband in his role in food retail, make sure my parents are safe and find enough oxytocin in close proximity without access to my favourite people outside my fellow quarantine gang?  A scrambled brain overloaded with unanswered questions, something had to give…. oh and it did!  A cacophony of words poured and poured from my mouth in a random order to a bewildered audience of my little family.  Following the explosion, we sat together and tried to fathom, as a collective, how to move forward in our quarantine capsule.  It surely couldn’t be that hard, after all, we have all only been asked to stay at home on our sofas!

Our first priority was to establish some structure; 7-year-old Ella devised a timetable for their home-schooling.  Mornings were to cover the minimum requirements from school (and I mean the bare minimum!) and the afternoons were described as ‘FREE’!  Within the first 2 weeks of our new circumstances the children had a beautiful routine which made them happy, secure and willing to explore new things.  They have bagged potatoes & satsumas in the store room, learnt skills in housekeeping duties at home, used oodles of imagination as they created new games, eaten (what feels like) hundreds of picnics and have taken pride in their ability to take control of their own school workload so they can seek some freedom in every day.  From the initial panic of becoming a full-time parent, never mind teaching assistant, I now glow as I hear their chatter & laughter in the background of my working day.

So that was the children, it was now important for the adults in our household to be grown up too!  It is vital for your mental wellbeing to give yourself some structure, to get dressed, brush your teeth, set goals and find a pathway that is purposeful.  I have created a routine for myself, which includes a daily workout with Emma Wilson Fitness live online, a daily dose of fresh air and have continued to plan my meals for the week (to consume as many nutrients as possible). We are fighting with complex emotions all the time; guilt, fight & flight, resentment, dislike for change, sadness, anger, confusion, love, warmth, appreciation and gratitude.  Mourning for a life you once knew and hope for the life that is to come, therefore our health and wellbeing is critical at this time.

If there is ever a time to be part of a community of positive people and to be looking at how best to look after your health, it is now.  It would be so easy to fall into a rabbit hole; to stop taking care of yourself, spend more time at the fridge, stop moving and increase the self-sabotage.  My Time for Change is a community-wellbeing-health-hub. A positive group and place focussing on health, wellness and emotional support. Food will ALWAYS be a part of the programme but worrying about fat loss at this time is secondary to keeping your mental health in the best possible state.  Until such time that we can crack on with getting the shape and body we are chasing, we can focus on holding it all together. Keeping dozens of plates turning, whilst maintaining a smile, a manicure and not letting our jeans get too tight….  My Time for Change has become my lifestyle; Emma supported me through a fantastic journey of change with her knowledge, support and inspiration.  I know that now is the time that Emma & the My Time for Change programme can really offer the focus and stability during an emotional and confusing period for us all; through the daily motivational vlogs, 10-minute workouts of the day, life hacks, community and recipes to nourish.

We need to steady ourselves and breathe.  I’ve taken a moment; sat in the sunshine, taken everything in, been in the moment if you like, listened to the singing birds, had warmth of the sun on my face and looked up to the blue skies. There is less noise pollution as there are fewer cars, no flights, no digging quarries, no race days in full throttle in the distance. It’s literally nature in its glory twittering, squawking, rustling, creaking, swaying; nature is noisy!  Despite this there is peace & stillness; a sense of calm.  I find excitement in the next hug I will embrace with those closest to me, knowing that hug will have the most meaning that it will ever have; human connection is so precious.  Life is at times challenging but it is equally beautiful.  I look forward to appreciating getting into my car and freely driving to work, to boarding a plane again for a family holiday, to dining with friends, to taking the children to the cinema, to so many things, but most of all I am so grateful to be given an opportunity to stop, stand back and value life & the amazing humans within it.

What is the new normal in lockdown? Taking a laptop to every house party is paramount!  We have already had so much fun with friends in virtual house parties, gin nights, coffee mornings and general catch ups.  Exercising with your fitness pals in virtual classrooms and valuing food and its nutritional benefits.  Working remotely with FaceTime as your lifeline!  It is to take time with your family to walk together,  to value friendship more than ever before, recognise the people that are vital to your wellbeing, to find laughter in the obscure, to listen to stillness, to appreciate your health, to be present, to endure yet be grateful.  

Be happy, be healthy and stay at home!

If it’s YOUR time to take some control in a world has become a litre more overwhelming, then choose My Time for Change by Emma Wilson Fitness. | Email Emma [email protected] | 07971 596529


Spring in YOUR step!

“What’s the difference between me now and me 18 months ago?” I pondered this with a friend recently.  We acknowledged that I’d lost a lot of weight, had cut my hair short, had started exercising and now had a zest for adventure, but I was more curious about if there was a change in personality.  I wasn’t expecting a psychological assessment that Freud could theorise about, but more if there was a shift in how I presented myself to the world.  My friend concluded that “you’ve always been bubbly and confident, but now you have a spring in your step.”

So that’s it; A spring in your step has to be the marketing angle for My Time for Change by Emma Wilson Fitness, never mind finding sparkle or glitter or whatever else you are promised elsewhere. A simple spring in your step, to elevate your uniqueness and greatness into new bouncy levels of the bespoke you!  It’s not all plain sailing, of course it’s not, we’re human after all.  Humans that thrive on connection, connections that bring joy often but can also bring heartache. Combine the emotional rollercoaster of connection with the fluctuation in our hormone levels as we reach our perimenopausal years and it can be tough.  Your feelings can even change hour to hour during a day!  You can feel like you’ve lost control!  This is why it’s important to review how you invest in you!

An investment in you can be achieved in many ways; 5 minutes of sunshine to boost your vitamin D, going to bed 30 minutes earlier to grasp that extra bit of sleep or finding 10 minutes to exercise to release those endorphins.  Little life hacks that help you to manage the bigger stuff amongst the life laundry.  The biggest life hack I’d offer to anyone is to review who you surround yourself with.  Whatever your personal circumstances, find people that vibe with you, that support your wellbeing and top up your positivity pot.  You may have to reach further afield than your spouse or family members.  I’m a tactile person, so a daily hug is essential to release the oxytocin!  Find your feel-good-person/people and cherish them, they will do wonders for your wellbeing.  One of my favourite quotes is “Some negative people are allergic to positivity.  Be so positive that they can’t stand being near you” Vex King.

It is these and many other life hacks that the My Time for Change programme is filled with.  Emma inspires and motivates you on a daily basis to make tiny changes to support getting the best out of the life you love to live.  Allowing yourself small pockets of time throughout the day to listen to Emma’s vlog or to try her workout of the day, breathe a little or maybe even ponder on some self-reflection, is so powerful.  These bitesize chunks of time are re-fuelling your pot of wellbeing!  As a mum and wife, I had to fight the guilt of taking a small amount of time for myself everyday, however I have now realised that ultimately, I can offer more, because I’m balanced and calm.  I’ve taken time to understand who I am, what my goals are and most importantly learnt to believe in myself!  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!” Henry Ford.

Self-belief opens up so much opportunity; in life, in love and in careers!  How you perceive what is possible does become your reality.  It changes your attitude to so much!  I have so many examples of this in the last 12 months but will highlight the most recent ones (otherwise you could be reading this for a very long time!!)  On our latest holiday, I wore my bikini in public for the first time EVER, because my self-belief confirmed that I should do this, why not?  Despite being far removed from the Instagram body, I felt liberated as I walked amongst other holidaymakers.  This newfound body positivity is critical for many women in their quest for happiness; celebrating YOU is so important!  I’ve found myself in photoshoots in the last few weeks, an alien environment where I actually even ‘worked my stuff’!!  I have attended networking events and enjoyed the attention I drew with the unique suit that I was wearing, so far removed from the past.  Most significantly is my drive to work alongside Emma to help make more women become aware of My Time for Change and its health benefits, where for us the laughter everyday warms our souls.  In conclusion self-belief does reinforce that anything is possible!

My Time for Change has made all this achievable for me and it could for you!  Emma has created a programme  that will work for everyone and everybody.  It is only available to women aged 35+  because we’ve recognised the people experiencing the biggest struggle with mental clarity, with body weight and shape, the people feeling out of sorts, the people wanting to feel as healthy as they can be and not to feel uncomfortable in their own body, are women of a certain age.  

It is an online monthly programme that gives you access to Emma’s inspirational & motivational vlogs that give women the courage to acknowledge that they can control many aspects of their lives through food, fitness, health and mindfulness. Offering support and education to help the management of areas such as stress, anxiety, health improvements and sleep. Helping to remove the confusion between fact and fiction, dispelling diet myths the food industry would have us believe.

Are you looking for a spring in your step?  Could it be YOUR time for change? Emma and I would highly recommend My Time for Change.

[email protected] | 07971 596529

Time for Change

Events 2020

Emma Wilson Fitness and My Time for Change are delighted to be involved in several fantastic events during 2020.   

Manchester Resolution Run – 8th March & the Cheshire Resolution Run – 5th April 2020 

supporting Stroke Association North West

I will be warming up the runners prior to the start of both runs.  Myself and Mindy have even decided to take up Park Run in order to practice for the 5k run that follows those warm ups!  

Watch our promo film!

Although you may prefer this version!!!

Why not join us for a walk, jog or run in either Heaton Park or at Anderton Boat Lift.  We’d love to see you there!

If you can’t make it, would you be able to sponsor us in aid of the Stroke Association North West? A very worthy charity supporting those affected by strokes.

Donate here

Health and Wellness Day – Cotebrook Village Hall – 4th April 2020

A free event!  We have a stand alongside many other amazing local businesses who are all focused on your wellbeing!  Reflexology, Reiki, essential oils, pilates, yoga, fitness, nutrition, gong meditation, massage, organic make up and so much more!  Plus seminars, including Menopause Matters by myself!

A timetable of paid classes by a variety of local instructors will also be available to pre-book.

Find out more

The Family Tree Wellbeing Festival – The Success Factory – 11th July 2020

Delighted to have a stand and be a speaker at this fabulous event.  I attended last year, and it was great to meet so many people with happiness and wellbeing at the forefront of their minds!  Mindy and I look forward to meeting many more of you, attending some great seminars and of course presenting myself on the day!

Find out more

Hoping you can make some of these events too, I’m super excited to be involved!

Emma x

Time for Change

The Styling chapter

My Time for Change has been a health and wellbeing  journey that has opened so many doors and opportunities; has brought friendship, oodles of happiness, mental wellness, health, strength, fitness and of course, for me, masses of weight loss.  And the journey is not over yet, I suppose nor will it ever be, but a styling chapter has arisen. An exciting collaboration with the fabulous clothing company Olivia May.

Olivia May showcases beautiful clothes from International designers from their Cheshire showroom and an even greater product lines in their designer collections online.  Now I may sound like I know what I am talking about, however this woman is so far removed from this scenario that when I got the opportunity to be styled by the team at Olivia May, I was full of trepidation!  I have always worn clothes that covered me, that I could fit into and were black to help with the illusion of being smaller!   There was never any consideration about materials, textures nor colours!

As always, pathways tend to unravel in front of you.  I met Ann and Katie of Olivia May at a networking event by Sue France of Creative Connecting in Cheshire.  Ann and I chatted for a while and discovered we both had a passion for helping to empower women, acknowledging that wellbeing is enhanced by nutrition, fitness and from Ann’s perspective, clothing.  I had obviously experienced the uplifting benefits of nutrition and fitness through My Time for Change by Emma Wilson Fitness, but had yet to participate in the rewarding event of being stylised professionally.

I had been lucky enough to be supported by Emma on a shopping trip in May 2019, who had encouraged me to try clothes and enjoy clothes I never thought I could wear.  Thank goodness for Emma, as I’m not entirely sure what my transition wardrobe would have been!  You see I find clothes shopping overwhelming – Where do I start?  How do I know what will suit me?  What items go together?  I’d never really had to think about it before because I was never styling myself, I was just covering myself!  Latterly, I have found a comfort zone in tight black jeans and grey jumpers, although I still get twitchy when it comes to ‘dressing up’ clothes and (particularly in my new role) business attire!

So when Ann and I discussed the merits of a collaboration between Olivia May and My Time for Change we knew we could achieve a holistic review of a woman’s journey.   Consideration of the overall wellbeing of a woman and their challenges through their thirties, the peri menopause, the menopause and beyond.  Women in the workplace, women with social commitments, women with families and women who just want to feel alive, are all balancing life, their responsibilities and their own wellness.  Everyone deserves to feel good, to be respected and to reach their goals, they should not be inhibited by anything.  So when you have found goodness from within through eating well, education, motivation, exercising regularly and a supportive community it is only natural that the next chapter would be to look at the outer packaging of yourself.  This can then support your personality, your aspirations and your place in the world.

I was ready for this!  In my new role as Emma’s business partner in My Time for Change, I felt I needed some appropriate clothing to represent us in more formal meetings, to gain respect, to be me with less informality, if you like!  I had attended a meeting a few weeks ago which I had described as ‘feeling like I was dressed as a nun’.  Not being disrespectful to that chosen vocation, but I was so far removed from clothing that felt natural to me that I felt like I had also had a personality change!

So the process for the first styling day began; I was asked what shoe size and dress size are you? Well shoe size has always been my go to comfort spot, after all buying shoes was always safe, you can strut in and go to a size 6 and not have to worry too much about whether you’d eaten too much chocolate for weeks prior to the shop!! But the dress size question still shocks me! I want to say extra large, extra extra large, 18, 20, 22. I actually had to go to my wardrobe and check what size dress I had bought and worn recently to confirm what size I am! Internally I am still convinced that I’ll struggle to get in stuff, I really haven’t shaken that off!

Emma & I arrived at Olivia May’s Cheshire showroom and were greeted with warmth by their styling experts.  They certainly sensed my resistance to change, fear of the unknown and uncertainty about my own style.  They gently coaxed me into trying things, respecting my resistance to some things and encouraged me to ‘just see what it looks like on!’ “Clothes are like art, the designers have spent a long time training in their field, working on textures, colours and cuts” said Ann.  It certainly felt like that as I began to try different pieces on, it was as if they were meant to be a part of me; they sat nicely on my shoulders, swept round by back and dropped across my torso.  I felt comfortable, more comfortable in clothes than I had ever before, like they had been tailored for me, the way they moved as I did….. I looked in the mirror and I smiled back at me! I had business attire that made a statement, made me confident, actually was me!  The following morning I had to prepare for an important meeting. I couldn’t wait to wear some of the pieces that I now have in my wardrobe! I put them on and immediately felt at ease, confident and most importantly I felt like me!

We have the next stage of the styling chapter in a few weeks time, where the Olivia May’s stylist from their Oxford boutique will spend the day with me to explore more collections, styles and designers.  The thought of this now fills me with joy and excitement, far removed from the original trepidation!

Is it YOUR time for change?  YOUR time to take a health & wellbeing journey that can keep offering you more?  YOUR time to be the best version of you?

The next available programme begins on the 4th May (requiring sign up by 28th April 2020).  The monthly online food, fitness & wellbeing programme supports you make changes to your lifestyle that are sustainable and achievable.  Real food and no calorie counting supported by Emma’s daily motivational & educational vlogs, a workout of the day, recipes and much more!

Get in touch; | [email protected] | 07971 596529

Time for Change

I can

Time for change?  You may think, perhaps not in the middle of the Christmas madness? When consuming a warm mince pie or 2, swigging a glass of mulled wine and generally socialising more is much higher on the priority list. January is often a great restart marker.  Forme, I want to lay the foundations for Christmas (for those party legs!) so Clean and Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness is very much cemented in my lifestyle.  The first 3 weeks of December are definitely brimming with lots of lovely protein, good fats and tasty vegetables (and maybe the odd glass of fizz!)

In December 2018 I wrote my first newsletter blog describing how 3 months into Emma’s nutrition programme I had shifted from ‘overweight, energy-less and stressed’ to ‘full of energy….brimming with goodness and enthusiasm for everything…’ The months following this I have oozed many more positive adjectives through the blogs and conversation.  It has been a life changing experience!  As I write for December 2019’s newsletter, I have a warm glow (one that I often get when putting on my trainers & lycra in a morning nowadays!!!).  I can achieve whatever I want to achieve, that at 45, married with 2 young children, anything is still possible!  That despite hints of the peri-menopause coming along (stuttering occasionally like Frank Spencer, hot sweats in the night and placing the most unlikely items in the fridge) I am able to take on the world, to balance a business, a family and the life laundry!   In fact in the last 15 months I have discovered that I CAN learn to wakeboard, I CAN learn to ski, I CAN whizz along a zip wire, I CAN attend exercise classes, I CAN climb Snowdon, I CAN trek the Sahara Desert, I CAN wear the clothes I’ve always admired on others, I CAN inspire, I CAN allow time for me, I CAN love like I’ve never loved before, I CAN be kind to myself, I CAN appear in a photograph, I CAN eat fabulous food and I CAN feel fantastic!  And you can too!

In January 2020 Clean and Lean will rebrand as My Time for Change by Emma Wilson Fitness, an exciting move to acknowledge all aspects of Emma’s online programme; food, fitness and wellbeing.  It was My Time For Change in September 2018 and I embraced Emma’s monthly programme to change the way I felt, to give myself the best chances at life by feeling the healthiest and fittest I have ever felt.  My time for change was prompted by the discomfort I felt, the lack of confidence and the acknowledgement of missing out.  This was more than a FOMO, this was a fear of being highlighted as too overweight to do an activity or too unfit to be able to complete it!

Lifestyle and habit changes coached by Emma to help you make choices that encourage you to use food to take control of your life alongside movement. It’s real food, no gimmicks and workouts to do in your own home without the need for a gym!   It’s so sustainable because there isn’t any calorie counting, no food groups are banned, no measuring of portions and is totally family friendly.

Is it YOUR Time to Change with My Time for Change?  It is never too late nor too early!!  Emma is ready to help you to become the best version of yourself!

The Hollies Farm Shops in collaboration with Emma Wilson Fitness have created homemade ready meals that embrace the principles behind Clean & Lean / My Time for Change – great protein source, good fats and plant based carbohydrates.  There are Clean & Lean / My Time for Change dishes on our menus that follow the same principles, using the fabulous ingredients from our Farm Shops and more of our homemade produce is highlighted for their great ingredients.  All of which can be enjoyed as part of Emma’s online food & fitness programme.

December’s programme has already begun.  The next My Time for Change programme begins on 6th January 2020, sign up with Emma by 20th December 2019.

For more details please get in touch with Emma;

07971 596529

[email protected]

Time for Change

The excitable adventurer

At 45 it’s great to discover that you can do anything if you put your mind to it; you can unlock a world of possibilities!  I’m glad I’ve discovered this now when I have the potential of many more years of discovery!  When the opportunity to raise money for St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice, by trekking the Sahara Desert, arose something was ignited inside of me!  Just over a year ago, 4 of us from The Hollies signed up to what has turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime!

Our little tribe had just spent 5 days together in the Sahara Desert. An out of this world experience that has drawn many beautiful souls together. We had spent 12 months preparing for the 50km trek for St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice. We had raised over £10,500, joined gyms, paced through exercise classes, climbed Snowdon and lost nearly 6 stone (in my case) in preparation for our expedition.  During those 12 months we had done many more things together, through fundraising, testing our walking pace as a group and supporting each other with kit lists and the mental strength.

Nothing prepared me for the overwhelming love and laughter of the trek. 12 people became a family; we even had a trek dad and 2 Nanas! The back-stories that brought that family together made the trek so much more meaningful for us all.  Lifelong friends have been made, souls have collided and the most amazing experiences have been logged in the memory banks!

It’s amazing how humans adapt from the luxuries of the norm to the realities of the wild! From comfy beds to mats & sleeping bags under the stars; from porcelain toilets & running water to wild toileting with a poo buddy (a role created just for the Sahara trek!) All testing at first, but after your first wild ablution, you do feel like you are empowered to conquer the world!!!

Focused on the 50km over 3 days in the blistering heat, trekking across mixed terrains of sand dunes, rocky flatlands and climbing parts of the Lower Atlas Mountains meant that everything else was unexpected, magical and uplifting!

Sharing moments of someone else’s grief sat on the side of a mountain is soul lifting.  Pushing each other on when the heat was so intense & the blisters were stinging is heart warming. Seeing the sunrise and sunset in the desert opens up the whole world and it’s possibilities to you, in awe of the beauty of it all.  There are the beautiful moments where the Hokey Cokey unites 2 cultures as we danced with the Berbers under the moonlight.  What a gorgeous population they are too, so generous and caring. They ensured we ate like lords, were as comfortable as possible in our camps at night and had so much fun; camel rides, sand dune rolling, traditional music, candlelit meals, sleeping under the light of the full moon & a sky full of stars and so much more!

When you haven’t showered for 4 days you & your fellow trekkers are taken back to basics. I had the worst bed head all day every day, we were all aware that wearing the same clothes that we were sweating in each day was going to test our huddling abilities!!  Somehow we still overcame all of that and hugging each other was still, if not more, appropriate than ever!

We have all left this experience with extra large hearts, fewer inhibitions and lifelong friends. As I reflect on the last 12 months that got me to this point I am again so grateful to Emma of Emma Wilson Fitness who has supported my weight loss and fitness transformation.  I was able to spend more time in the moments appreciating its awesomeness because I was so mentally and physically prepared for the trekking part and the hammam experience that followed!!

Anything is possible! Things become more possible if you embrace Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness as it enables you to take some control of your body & mind through what you eat and how you move!

So what’s next? Well Clean & Lean is the lifestyle change that makes the challenge attainable, the mindfulness to pursue your heart’s desire, to love like you’ve never loved before and gather souls who make changes in this world.  St Luke’s has already given so much to me (without needing to use their services) that I know I’ll be doing more for them in the future. Oh and there is an excitable adventurer in me now that has the desire to do more!

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Time for Change

Undoing what I had become

Written by Mindy Cowap in September 2019, who has enjoyed the Clean & Lean nutrition programme for 13 months.

This is a journey of not becoming someone else but undoing what I had become, understanding who I was supposed to be and working out how to get there with my beautiful children, an awesome husband and fabulous friends.  An awakening of the joys of life, love and even more laughter!

“Why are you boobs like jelly mummy?” said my 7 year old daughter as she witnessed the magnitude of their unveiling for the first time on holiday in 30 years! Boobs that had once been filled with youthfulness and then by ‘fatfulness’ were now on show, without inhibition! A time for celebration of those jelly boobs not for remorse at their emptiness! Hoorah it had only taken me 30 years to feel comfortable enough to go topless!!!???

“Tummy? oh can we call you tummy now or should we call you thinny?” said 7 year old Ella the other day, (who is obviously very good at unfiltered honesty). So despite my physique not being classically thin (just yet, or ever!) to my children the transition in the last 12 months has made them question my nickname.  Exciting, humbling times and fuzzy feelings of joy!  I think ‘tummy’ and ‘tumtum’ (that they both affectionately call me) are here to stay and to be honest it gives me a warm feeling for the unconditional love given despite my size and my own self deprivation because I was that size.

The children are sharing this voyage of discovery, of trying out new experiences and they love it. “Mummy go down the slide” shouts my 9 year old son as I try to untangle my legs and nerves, teetering at the top of the ladder on the pedalo slide! There was no way I’d have done that this time last year, but somehow unpeeling my fat suit has released a human being who is prepared to give anything a go despite her age and sensibilities! So off I went zooming down, with a sense of liberation and fear!   We’ve now wake-boarded together, jumped from the highest points on an aqua park, climbed a mountain, ran/walked 365 steep steps multiple times and completed workouts together in the last few months. The children are thriving and relishing the challenges for themselves or the challenges they are setting for mummy!

When Ewan said to me, whilst climbing those 365 steps in 30-degree heat, “mummy I want to be as strong and as fit as you are” my heart melted, I could not have wished for a bigger or better endorsement. My own son had found something aspirational in me!  It was hard to recognise what that could have been before as I drowned in weight anxiety.  Both of them ask more questions about food choices, checking that something is healthy and acknowledging the unhealthy consumption! Positive steps toward their own journeys into adolescence and beyond!  They know that Clean & Lean is ingrained in our lifestyle, home life and important to our business.

Every holiday for the last 10 years I have lugged around my camera and all its accessories on each trip, thrived on capturing all of their moments, spent hours editing the photos and then putting books together. This year I didn’t take my camera out once! I was too busy living the experiences instead of observing them! Not sure what’ll be in this year’s photo book but I know we’ve got awesome mental memories!

This journey of discovery, of experience and happiness has been unearthed by taking on board the best lifestyle change ever. I embraced Clean and Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness on 5th September 2018, I began Emma’s fitness classes by December 2018. I haven’t looked back; I am forever evolving physically, mentally and emotionally. It is so exciting, liberating and fabulous. Being a middle aged, peri-menopausal woman in control of her nutrition, health and fitness is the best thing EVER!  Don’t get me wrong I am human, I do have emotional days, but taking time to understand how to fuel properly to help manage hormones, stress and health has given 99% joy!

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Please note Clean and Lean has been re-branded as My Time for Change.

Time for Change

1 year on

12 months of Clean & Lean has changed my life! Emma Wilson is a guiding light for us all; her knowledge, passion and care for wanting to help people shines through in her Clean & Lean nutrition programme.

I have gone from being morbidly obese; over eating & no exercise to embracing the clean & lean way of eating and at least 5 exercise classes a week, often as many as 8!

I have reduced my weight and inches dramatically in the last 12 months, enjoying wearing clothes that I only ever admired on others and embracing the continuous compliments I receive about the weight loss, my skin looking so good, my eyes being so bright, the outfit I’m wearing, my toned physique and the list goes on!

I have become so self aware that I have started to look at the outside of myself and take notice; my hair, nails and many other things have suddenly become important because I am no longer hiding myself.  I am in tune with my monthly cycle, hormones and can pretty much pinpoint why I am feeling the way I do on that day. Honestly, food really does have this much impact on you and your hormones! It’s amazing! Oh and I haven’t mentioned how amazing everything now tastes! (I didn’t realise that lettuce has a taste to it!)

Self-awareness also makes you look on the inside and this is really important. You need to understand why you over ate, hid yourself and generally didn’t look after yourself. I always had a smile, I was always the life & soul of the party, I am very happily married and have 2 amazing children, but there had to be something else.

Clean & Lean has tuned my body and my health so it is now time to explore my mind. I know who makes me happy, who makes me very happy and who I want to spend time with. In this fine tuned body I have so much love that I often refer to the fact that my heart could burst! God help those on the receiving end of this, lol, i don’t want to be suffocating, I just love!  Those that I surround myself with seem to accept this, are often amused by it but allow me to be this way!

The toughest part of that self-awareness is having to delve, to make sense of why I had morphed into that seemingly happy, fun, laid-back-morbidly-obese individual.  12 months into Clean & Lean it is now time to do this. I feel fantastic, am surrounded by people I adore and cannot describe the warm glow I get every morning when I don my trainers and Lycra!  However to move forward and embrace more health & happiness I need to process & fine tune some of those brain cells!

Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. A lifestyle change that is sustainable for life, that gives you that fighting chance of living that life at the peak of health & happiness. How can anyone not want a piece of that? Give Clean & Lean at least 3 months, put your heart and soul into it, you’ll soon be changing habits and wanting more because you can feel all the benefits as your body & mind reap the rewards!

12 months is not the end of the journey for me, I feel it is only just the beginning. I believe in Emma so much I’d love to work alongside her. I believe in Clean & Lean so much that my path remains on the programme.

You are what you eat, give your body chance to move, surround yourself with beautiful people and enjoy life to the full. There is only one chance at life and I’d say I’ve found the magic formula!

If you’d love to find out more, then get in touch with Emma. | 07971 596529 | [email protected]

Please note Clean & Lean has been re-branded as My Time for Change.

Time for Change

The transformation junky

Written May 2019

I may have become a transformation junky! The demons of allowing myself to be 6 stone heavier have been counterbalanced by my newfound addiction to change!  For without that obesity & loss of control how would I be able to enjoy this fabulous journey so much?  I would sing out “This is me” alongside Keala Seattle implying pride in my size and who I was 8 months ago, whilst inside I was crippled with apology for who I was.

“This is me” 8 months later is celebrating difference, but this time I mean it. I am discovering “who I am meant to be” and loving embracing all that has to offer. New friendships, new experiences, exercise, shopping, new confidence, oodles of love to be given & received and some control over what at times felt uncontrollable!  Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness really is a voyage of discovery! I have tried things that I have never even considered before because suddenly I care and can!

So imagine a transformation that thrusts your head above the parapet.   Surrounded by warmth projected onto you by beautiful souls, souls you didn’t even know existed until they stepped out to offer kindness & support. Strangers and acquaintances prepared to speak words of encouragement & affection based on what they have seen or read.  You really get to understand friendship too, recognising the beauty of people who are proud, loving and supportive. I am so lucky.

Food is a passion. I am obviously surrounded by it, work with it and absolutely love eating it! I am discovering even more flavours and tastes, gaining confidence to cook delicious meals whilst staying in control of what your body needs. I never thought this possible; more often I’d eat subconsciously, unaware of taste or texture particularly, definitely oblivious to what my body actually needed!  Now I find myself sharing photos with friends of tasty looking vegetables (yes I still have some friends left!!!), getting excited about recipes to try and being able to listen to whether I am even hungry. (In fact when you are so in tune, hunger is actually infrequent).

Then there is the exercise!  I didn’t exercise; I didn’t like it and claimed I never had time for it! Occasionally I played squash (if unfit, you actually don’t have to move that much!) and I tried the couch to 5k a couple of years ago, which I did but then injured myself because I was so overweight.  Now addicted to transformation, I find myself wanting to exercise on a daily basis, I love how it makes me feel, how my body is changing shape because of it and that mentally I know I am giving myself a fighting chance at seeing middle age through and beyond!  I attend many of Emma Wilson’s fitness classes each week, I push myself as far as I can go, which is each week further than the week before!  In between these classes I run at every opportunity, Forrest Gump-like!  Whether it is racing the children to the next tree, jogging to the shop from the office or skipping to the car!

I look around and there are people trapped inside their ‘fat suits’ (a suit I had worn for most of my life). I so want to tell them about Clean & Lean and help them break free and embrace all the possibilities that are so real when you’re not trapped inside your body.  I know you have to be ready though, if someone had said that to me when I wasn’t ready, I would have been devastated!  Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness unlocks potential to change. This may not be a fat loss journey for everyone, Emma’s programme makes you so nutritionally aware that emotion, hormone and stress management can all be achievable.

Do you want to try out a transformation? It could be a small transformation to your health? Is it time for change? Even a small change? Then Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness may be your next choice.   Emma runs her online Clean & Lean programmes monthly, they are friendly, supportive and filled with likeminded people. Get in touch if it’s your time for change – [email protected]

The Hollies Farm Shop is delighted to have collaborated with Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness since January 2019.   Look out for lots of great produce highlighted in the farm shops with Clean & Lean stickers.  Local suppliers such as Devonshire Bakery (sourdough breads and pizza balls), Nonna Theresa (Italian sauces), Clotton Hall Dairy (clotted cream), Poplars (farm fresh eggs) and Conwy Valley (Welsh beef) to name only a few.

Our Coffee Shops, 59 and 32 all have Clean & Lean meals on the menu for everyone to enjoy.  You can choose Clean & Lean for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is even a Clean & Lean cake to try!

Watch this space for more exciting Clean & Lean developments coming to The Hollies Farm Shop soon!

Please note that Clean and Lean has been re-branded as My Time for Change.