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Stronger together!

Over the last 4 months I’ve been figuring out and working on how my online food & fitness programme could have the greatest positive impact on your knowledge, your awareness, your health, your fitness and generally spreading the wellbeing word!

Clean and Lean has become so much more than food & exercise & fitness! It’s evolved and encompasses so much of our life and the way we live it. It’s time for it to stand on it’s own, under the Emma Wilson Fitness umbrella.  It’s time for some changes, some very exciting changes and some re-branding for January 2020.
For me personally and Emma Wilson Fitness,  the best and only way for this to grow is for me to have more resource.  It didn’t feel like a natural fit to just add resource, I wanted someone to truly work with me, someone that shared the same passion as I do, that I trust, who has a great knowledge of marketing and business, but also my business. Emma Wilson Fitness is knowledgeable and experienced in fitness, strength and conditioning and nutrition and is immersed in the delivery of coaching and motivating for your benefit. I never thought I’d find someone who shared the same vision as I had, the same work ethics and genuine desire to help people with their health goals.

I’d like to introduce you to Mindy Cowap who joins me now as my new Business Partner in My Time for Change. The new name for Clean & Lean. 
Some of you will already know Mindy from my classes, my Clean & Lean courses and for her role at The Hollies Farm Shop. For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure…
Mindy brings a unique blend of talents to me and our new brand. Mindy joined Clean & Lean in September 2018. We met for the first time in November 2018, when she asked if I’d be interested in working with The Hollies Farm Shop, offering meals on their menus and creating videos and recipes to share with both our customer bases. Throughout 2019, we’ve become good friends and been talking about how we could work together more officially!

In June, Emma Wilson Fitness & The Hollies launched Clean & Lean ready meals into the farm shop and all this whilst Mindy was holding down her own position of marketing manager within The Hollies.

At the end of the Summer, we both felt that we could work well together and started running ideas past each other, exploring how we could make our dreams into reality. And since October this year,  we have both been busy in the background so that we can bring you our new brand in January!

As if juggling jobs, parenting and dealing with Christmas wasn’t enough, we decided that we could develop and launch a new business at the start of 2020!  We both felt like it was our time for change!

It’s all coming together in the only way two middle-aged virgo woman can, with a need for control and slight OCD tendencies,  an overwhelming desire for things to be perfect, not wanting to fail, a bit scared of the serious stuff  – we are learning! Accepting that it may not be perfect, it’s OK not to know everything all at once, but we’re proud of ourselves and all My Time for Change represents.

So, I think she is the perfect fit for me and will undoubtedly help Emma Wilson Fitness lead My Time For Change into the next decade. She already brings massive value and support to me personally,  but her own life changes over the last 12 months by being part of the Clean & Lean programme, means she knows exactly how to let the world know just how much of a difference it can make!
I’ll still be here as Emma Wilson Fitness, but between Mindy & I,  you’ll be hearing a LOT more from US as My Time for Change too!  With the My Time for Change partnership, I’m hoping people will benefit hugely from this programme and all it can offer. 
Right enough rambling…have a brilliant day! Start getting excited!
When it’s YOUR time for Change, come and check our MY time for Change!

Here’s to YOUR new decade.