Spring in YOUR step!

“What’s the difference between me now and me 18 months ago?” I pondered this with a friend recently.  We acknowledged that I’d lost a lot of weight, had cut my hair short, had started exercising and now had a zest for adventure, but I was more curious about if there was a change in personality.  I wasn’t expecting a psychological assessment that Freud could theorise about, but more if there was a shift in how I presented myself to the world.  My friend concluded that “you’ve always been bubbly and confident, but now you have a spring in your step.”

So that’s it; A spring in your step has to be the marketing angle for My Time for Change by Emma Wilson Fitness, never mind finding sparkle or glitter or whatever else you are promised elsewhere. A simple spring in your step, to elevate your uniqueness and greatness into new bouncy levels of the bespoke you!  It’s not all plain sailing, of course it’s not, we’re human after all.  Humans that thrive on connection, connections that bring joy often but can also bring heartache. Combine the emotional rollercoaster of connection with the fluctuation in our hormone levels as we reach our perimenopausal years and it can be tough.  Your feelings can even change hour to hour during a day!  You can feel like you’ve lost control!  This is why it’s important to review how you invest in you!

An investment in you can be achieved in many ways; 5 minutes of sunshine to boost your vitamin D, going to bed 30 minutes earlier to grasp that extra bit of sleep or finding 10 minutes to exercise to release those endorphins.  Little life hacks that help you to manage the bigger stuff amongst the life laundry.  The biggest life hack I’d offer to anyone is to review who you surround yourself with.  Whatever your personal circumstances, find people that vibe with you, that support your wellbeing and top up your positivity pot.  You may have to reach further afield than your spouse or family members.  I’m a tactile person, so a daily hug is essential to release the oxytocin!  Find your feel-good-person/people and cherish them, they will do wonders for your wellbeing.  One of my favourite quotes is “Some negative people are allergic to positivity.  Be so positive that they can’t stand being near you” Vex King.

It is these and many other life hacks that the My Time for Change programme is filled with.  Emma inspires and motivates you on a daily basis to make tiny changes to support getting the best out of the life you love to live.  Allowing yourself small pockets of time throughout the day to listen to Emma’s vlog or to try her workout of the day, breathe a little or maybe even ponder on some self-reflection, is so powerful.  These bitesize chunks of time are re-fuelling your pot of wellbeing!  As a mum and wife, I had to fight the guilt of taking a small amount of time for myself everyday, however I have now realised that ultimately, I can offer more, because I’m balanced and calm.  I’ve taken time to understand who I am, what my goals are and most importantly learnt to believe in myself!  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!” Henry Ford.

Self-belief opens up so much opportunity; in life, in love and in careers!  How you perceive what is possible does become your reality.  It changes your attitude to so much!  I have so many examples of this in the last 12 months but will highlight the most recent ones (otherwise you could be reading this for a very long time!!)  On our latest holiday, I wore my bikini in public for the first time EVER, because my self-belief confirmed that I should do this, why not?  Despite being far removed from the Instagram body, I felt liberated as I walked amongst other holidaymakers.  This newfound body positivity is critical for many women in their quest for happiness; celebrating YOU is so important!  I’ve found myself in photoshoots in the last few weeks, an alien environment where I actually even ‘worked my stuff’!!  I have attended networking events and enjoyed the attention I drew with the unique suit that I was wearing, so far removed from the past.  Most significantly is my drive to work alongside Emma to help make more women become aware of My Time for Change and its health benefits, where for us the laughter everyday warms our souls.  In conclusion self-belief does reinforce that anything is possible!

My Time for Change has made all this achievable for me and it could for you!  Emma has created a programme  that will work for everyone and everybody.  It is only available to women aged 35+  because we’ve recognised the people experiencing the biggest struggle with mental clarity, with body weight and shape, the people feeling out of sorts, the people wanting to feel as healthy as they can be and not to feel uncomfortable in their own body, are women of a certain age.  

It is an online monthly programme that gives you access to Emma’s inspirational & motivational vlogs that give women the courage to acknowledge that they can control many aspects of their lives through food, fitness, health and mindfulness. Offering support and education to help the management of areas such as stress, anxiety, health improvements and sleep. Helping to remove the confusion between fact and fiction, dispelling diet myths the food industry would have us believe.

Are you looking for a spring in your step?  Could it be YOUR time for change? Emma and I would highly recommend My Time for Change.

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