Let this NEW YEAR and YOUR NEW decade be YOUR TIME for change

Are you coming to the conclusion that fad diets, calorie counting, joining gyms & denying food groups don’t work? 

Whether you have a busy social life, very little time to cook, picky little eaters to make meals for, or even simply a weakness for ice cream, sticking to a diet which requires you to cut out specific foods can be…well…tricky if not impossible to stick to long term.

It leads to a night out or a stressful week, completely derailing all of your hard work.

It leads to a dieting & sugar roller coaster – one we just can’t off off!

How can you take control of YOUR diet and STOP unnecessarily cutting out the foods we ENJOY?

How can we STOP making ourselves feel guilty when we do indulge?

How can we FINALLY get the life-changing results we’ve always wanted!?

By learning how to crack that dieting code! And that’s why I created My Time for Change programme! 

This is more than just food and fitness.

It’s a way to take CONTROL of your nutrition and eat according to your goals, whether you want to get in shape for that holiday, train for that marathon, build muscle or simply avoid the dreaded post-menopausal weight gain!

While we want our diet to become a LIFESTYLE, we also want to know how to adjust it and eat according to our goals as our needs and goals change.

Sometimes we want faster results to look extra fabulous for that big birthday. While other times we want to learn how to MAINTAIN our results!

With My Time for Change, you’ll learn how to do both!

And the best part? 

Because you learn how to actually eat according to your goals, there are no arbitrary foods that are “OFF LIMITS!”

And if you’re nervous or unsure of how to get started?

Don’t panic! I’m there to support you every step of the way! 

  • Daily Online support 
  • Easy to prep, tasty recipes
  • Guidance & inspiration
  • Home workouts to suit you
  • A community of like-minded women 

Life is more than food and fitness sometimes…
So, let My Time for Change help you find that sense of wellbeing.

Let this NEW YEAR and YOUR NEW decade be YOUR TIME for change. Join me on my next My Time for Change programme.

My next course starts 6th January 2020 and it’s easy to sign up at
Sign up by 31st December
£59 – that’s less than £2.30 a day!!