Health & wellbeing has never been so important.

So..We’ve been locked down for a long time now, and the overarching message I’m getting from many people is that there is still a sense of overwhelm at times, stress is still up high and they feel fed up.

Perhaps you have been more sedentary than you’re used to? Perhaps you have been soul searching in food, drink?Perhaps you have felt isolated? Emotional? Enjoyed the lockdown low, but gained some lockdown lard?!

You know what? That’s OK, but it will naturally take it’s toll! Energy? Sleep and of course immunity! So whilst we have been aiming for sanity over vanity, perhaps it’ s time to ditch those extra inches we’ve gained!

Health & Wellbeing  has never been so more important. Immunity should still be on our radar.

What I find really frustrating and sad during this time is that influencers and ˜fitness professionals using people’s vulnerability during this time to exploit them and sell them products that are unnecessary and potentially damaging.

If you’re not feeling your best right now, I can guarantee that what you don’t need is:

– a ‘detox’;
– a ‘cleanse’
– to cut carbs;
– to restrict your calories until you feel physically ill;
– to consume products that you believe are in the name of health benefits.

What you might prefer to try is:

– 5-10 minutes of guided daily activity (if you’re ready and able);
– reduce your stress and anxiety levels
– to hydrate yourself with plenty of water
– give yourself the best chance of a good night’s sleep (not always possible, I understand!);
– lift your mood with good mood food
– feel in control
– have other like minded people to chat to
– to eat real food every day and understand what the world “healthy” really looks like
– feel motivated, inspired and empowered to boost your immunity in simple, natural, easy and effective ways
– to create YOUR diet for YOUR life that YOU enjoy

Nobody has the right to tell you how you should look or feel now or at any other time, and nobody has the right to shame you into feeling like you have to get your body ready for the end of lockdown (what does that even mean?!). However we all want to FEEL GOOD, have ZEST for life, be full of VITALITY, BE HAPPY and give ourselves the best chance at OPTIMAL HEALTH.

My Time for Change is a hub of health and wellbeing. Full of easy ways to create a body and mind that is strong and resilient.

If you’re looking for fat loss – that can happen too! WIN WIN!