Cheshire Life

Emma and I are so delighted to be featured in Janaury 2020’s edition of Cheshire Life.

Cheshire Life Editor, Katie Mulloy met with myself in November to explore the 12 month journey of health and wellness that culminated in a trek across the Sahara Desert for St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice in October 2019. Katie was so supportive and interested in my journey that the story just poured out of me!

I hadn’t waited for January this time, I usually did, then when January came I had talked myself back out of making changes!  It all began in a September, and I think this was the best thing for me; just diving right in and not waiting for a significant restart date!  When I set off to do what I needed to do for my health and wellness, I never imagined that there would be a story to tell. After all it’s just me, a woman that has forever struggled with her weight, her relationship with food and an exercise- avoider at all cost!!  I needed to do something about it, I wanted to take control & feel I could be an active part of my children’s lives.  

It was and is strangely cathartic putting your thoughts and feelings into words, so when I began blogging for The Hollies Farm Shop’s monthly newsletter I was able to reflect and question what was I thinking and feeling, what was happening to me?  I highly recommend journalling your experiences, not only can you be mindful of your adventures but its a great way to remember!  Particularly feelings; feelings adapt and change during your journey, it’s so easy to forget that you ever felt that way when so much becomes the norm.  It’s easy to forget the elation I first felt when I could get into a size 10, or even go to my wardrobe and have clothes that fitted rather than hid me!  To put on lycra and a pair of trainers and feel like you’ve just added your superhero powers because you can get through an exercise class and even enjoy it!  To trek 50km across the Sahara Desert in 40’ heat and be able to I re-read all of these blogs before meeting with Katie, re-affirming just what a fabulous 2019 I had had; a journey of new beginnings, adventure, blossoming friendships and new opportunities.

The Cheshire Life photographer spent a morning with Emma and I to capture the essence of the journey. Having spent decades avoiding the lens, it was a surreal experience to be suddenly in full exposure. It’s a huge learning curve working out how to stand, to pose and to smile. Generally I’ve plummeted for the cheesy grin look, just because that’s what oozes out of me since I began this journey! (Self acceptance has been a huge part of this story; learning to love yourself, accept yourself and be yourself!)

Clean and Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness was how it began, with Emma’s support I have become the person I am meant to be and together Emma & I have re-branded Clean & Lean as My Time for Change to reflect the multiple benefits of Emma’s online food and fitness programme.  

Read more about my journey of weight loss, health gain, Sahara trekking and joining forces with Emma in January 2020’s edition of Cheshire Life.