Who we are

We want to help women feel as happy, healthy and as fit as they can!

Emma and Mindy are 2 middle-aged women, who decided that juggling family life, work, household chores and all the other life laundry wasn’t enough! They knew that their passion and their happiness needed to be available to more women!

Mindy and Emma

My Time for Change encompasses health, wellbeing and fitness for women 35+. An online food & fitness programme that helps women to feel their very best, particularly as they approach the peri-menopause and menopause years. Emma and Mindy, both in their mid forties, are witnessing many changes in themselves both physically and mentally.

In fact Emma recognised a few years’ ago that, despite her fitness regime remaining the same, it was becoming harder to stay in shape, feel on top of her game and manage the stresses of life and its laundry! Emma sought out the science within nutrition to get ahead of her own body and mind, from which her Clean & Lean programme grew. As Emma noticeably changed – physically she became more toned, her skin glowed – her clients began to notice. They asked more questions which led to Emma setting up her monthly programme; Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson Fitness. The online programme has evolved over the last few years recognising that women really do want to take control, work smarter not harder and that we are all stronger together!

Mindy joined Emma’s Clean & Lean programme in September 2018, following a recommendation from a friend.  Morbidly obese, she had yo-yo dieted all her life and didn’t exercise.  Today, Mindy is nearly 6 stone lighter and exercises every day of the week.  In her own words “she has never felt so happy and healthy, My Time for Change is now my lifestyle and the easiest change I have ever made.”

As Marketing Manager for The Hollies Farm Shop, Mindy had approached Emma about a collaboration and during 2019 they had brought Clean & Lean dishes to the menus across the business, introduced new products to the Farm Shops and developed a ready meal range.  

Emma & Mindy recognised that they complemented each other; Emma’s fitness & nutrition knowledge and passion alongside Mindy’s marketing experience and enthusiasm. From there grew the seed to become business partners and reach out to more women to help them feel at the top of their game.  

Their starting point was to rebrand ‘Clean & Lean’ as ‘My Time for Change’ to acknowledge that the programme offered so much more than nutrition.  The new name reflects the key elements of the programme; food, fitness, wellbeing, inspiration and community.