Time for YOU

“Are you female, 35+ and feel that it’s become an uphill struggle to keep on top of your wellbeing?”

My Time for Change is YOUR lifestyle solution packaged in an online food and fitness programme that empowers you to take charge of your health and wellbeing. All from the comfort of your own home.

No need for gym memberships, no shakes, no banned foods or gimmicks. Real food for people with real lives. Giving you the freedom to live the life you love. Eating smarter to get results, not working harder.


Do YOU feel you’re working hard at your physical self, but not seeing the results you think YOU DESERVE?

Are YOU battling with feeling tired, out of sorts, stressed and lacking in energy?

Have YOU fallen out of love with fitness? Or were never in love with it in the first place?

Are YOU suffering with mood swings, feeling low or just generally out of balance?


This programme offers a simple no nonsense approach to help improve YOUR mental, physical and emotional wellness.

There are helpful life hacks, tips and tricks to help make YOU feel happier in the skin you’re in, giving you a leaner, fitter reflection. Your taste buds will be tingling and your gut health activated! Feel in tip top condition.

Fad diets don’t always work and staying motivated isn’t easy. No one wants to feel hungry and we all want a sustainable long-term approach, so that we can change pre-existing bad habits that we know aren’t helping our cause.

Whatever YOUR goals, whatever YOUR reasons, My Time for Change allows YOU to live the life YOU love.

Make this YOUR time for change with MY Time for Change!


– You receive pre-course documents sharing simple, easy to understand science and facts so you feel confident in what you’re doing and why.
– Daily motivational vlogs from your health coach sharing all aspects of wellbeing, health, food and fitness so you can kick start every day.
– Help to understand the fact from the fiction and perhaps where we are mis-led by the food industry.
– Monthly tasty, easy to prep recipes, suitable for all the family, to inspire and give you ideas.
– Weekly guidelines to help you plan your meals that suit YOUR life.
– Access to a library of 10-minute workout videos, so no need to pay gym memberships or leave the comfort of your own home.
– 10 minute LIVE daily videos
– Easy to prep and tasty recipe suggestions.
– Access to a professional health & fitness coach to guide you through your day, your month and available to you daily, should you want support to make changes to particular aspects of your lifestyle.
– Access to a safe and private group of like-minded people where you can pose questions, motivate each other, be accountable and be part of a community that boosts you when you need it.

Only £59 per course.  Includes your documentation, your daily inspiration vlogs by Emma, your workout of the day by Emma, recipes, weekly guidelines and daily support from Emma.

We look forward to welcoming you to My Time for Change when you feel it’s YOUR time to change.